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The findmeSPOT Connect GPS Device

I use the SPOT Connect GPS tracker from www.findmeSPOT.com.:


The device is controlled from a cell phone via Bluetooth and transmits data via satellite to the findmeSPOT servers. The data sent is of two basic types: text messages and  tracking GPS position data. The text messages can be predefined and saved on the cell phone (and synched with the findmeSPOT server when Internet connectivity is available), or they can be composed in the field. The messages are sent as either text messages (SMS) or email to a list of predefined recipients. GPS coordinates are attached to the message so a recipient can see where you were when the message was sent.

Separate from the text messaging feature, the user can turn on “Tracking.” When Tracking is on GPS coordinates are automatically sent every 10 minutes. These tracking points are relayed to the findmeSPOT.com server and saved for online viewing. The user usually sets up a public or private (password protected) “Share page” and emails its URL to interested people beforehand. Thus at any time anyone with the Share page URL (and password if it’s private) can see the track in real time. (Well, almost real time. There is a short delay)

Finally, SPOT Connect can an SOS message that is relayed by findmeSPOT.com to the nearest emergency response agency. So far, I’ve not had to use this feature.


Where’s Ed?

You can visit my  FindMeSPOT share page to see where I’m hiking at the moment, and where I’ve been for the last 7 days. Click below to see the share page.

FindmeSpot.com track: www.tinyurl.com/EdsLocalHikes


The right panel of the page shows a graphical image of the track shown as a series of points connected by lines. The left panel shows a list of the points. By clicking on a point you can see the GPS coordinates, the time, and a message that might be associated with the point.

When looking at the share page, keep in mind that it always shows the last 7 days of track points.  Consequently, if I’ve hiked at more than one venue in the last 7 days you will see two or more clusters of points connected by longer lines. To better view my most recent track, drag the screen so that the second cluster is centered, then zoom in. Automatically generated tracking points are marked with a footprint icon, and points where I sent a message have  a “broadcast” icon.  Each point also has a sequence number. 


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